We work for SME

  • According to the Pordata 99,9% of Companies in Portugal are SMEs and about 85% have less than 10 employees.
  • Our work is directed to Micro or Small Businesses that need support to make the Information System work as well as possible. The main objective will be the reduction of critical failures and consequent reduction of costs..
  • An Information System is an interconnected set of components that work together to pursue a common goal
  • Computers, networks and applications are some of the components of an Information System. Failure of one of them may cause serious damage to the Company.!
  • The main component of a system is peolple. They are primarily responsible for the successes and failures of the System. As such, they have to know what to do and how to avoid them. Defining policies is a good way to avoid / reduce failures.
  • The work we provide focuses on the analysis of all components of the System, with the goal of trying to make everyone work in tune!
  • We are not sure if our service is the "cheapest" and that is not our concern! But we are sure that we act with the utmost honesty and professionalism!
  • Most likely we are not the "best". Anyway, we invite you to speak with us to discuss your problem and try to find a solution.



Adapt the Hardware to the Company's activity.

  • Evaluate existing equipment;
  • Take advantage of components and just buy what you need;
  • Define the need for new acquisitionsom a price / quality perspective;
  • Build each computer according to the actual needs of use.


Prevent loss of connections, enhance security

  • Analyze network needs;
  • Define the physical and logical structure of the network;
  • Test the network using simulation software;
  • Define active and passive network equipment to be acquired;
  • Install Network, connect all components, configure and test.


Access to relevant and concise information!

  • Information systems;
  • Systems Audit;
  • Systems Analysis;
  • Analysis of procedures;
  • Reorganization of systems.

Systems Security

Ensure control and security of information

  • Security Audit;
  • Implementation of security policies;
  • Physical and Logical Security;
  • Safety Equipments;
  • Reorganization and Management of Security Systems.

Information Technology Teaching

Training for the success of the System

  • Information Technology Training;
  • Planning and development of resources for classes;;
  • Class planning;
  • Training Audit.


Curriculum of José Crispim

  • Who is he?
  • Professional experience;
  • Certifications.